Client Reviews & Testimonials

Angela's and private sessions are a great way to make adjustments to your form and get yourself on the right track with your movement, comfort and performance. She has coached many happy clients in Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria and other locations across Canada. The feedback and testimonials speak for themselves. Please read what people had to say about their experience, and feel free to drop a line to Angela as well...

Finding an easy solution to my pain was well worth it...

Star Rating 5
September 15, 2016

Angela's chi running half day workshop gave me some remarkable feedback that has made a huge difference in my running. She figured out that I was turning out too much when I was placing my foot on the ground. She could see this clearly when did an exercise in the sand. After that I worked on my pronation to make it more habitual to have the proper foot placement. Since that time, I have not had any of the associated pain in the achilles or calf muscles which I had also gotten before. If any pain occurs, I just think of the foot placement and it goes away instantly. I have been running for over 45 years so having such an easy solution was well worth the investment in the course.

I could not have enjoyed that workshop more...

Star Rating 5
May 16, 2016

That was a gas, rain or no rain. I could not have enjoyed that workshop more, you are an excellent instructor, excellent communication (and you play the cello as well!), good business model from what I could see, at some point I'll re-connect, it was absolutely lovely meeting you, thank you for the links, Angela, and all the best in your work.

It has been a great experience...

Star Rating 5
January 28, 2015

I connected with Angela around my plan to complete a pilgrimage walk. Angela's experience, commitment, and enthusiasm are remarkable. And, the spiritual and embodied mindfulness aspects of ChiWalking are a serendipitously perfect fit! Within six private coaching sessions, that I shared with a friend, I improved my posture and alignment, and learned to walk quickly and with ease, by engaging core muscles and using pelvic rotation. In each session Angela coached on broad aspects of working with chi and mindfulness, as well as individual walking technique and practice. Working with Angela to learn the principles of ChiWalking has been a great experience.

What I ran away with...

Star Rating 5
October 23, 2014

The opportunity to experience Angela's ChiRunning workshop was a serendipitous chain of good fortune. I have never been coached in running. I run to support my eating habit, run through problems and keep my dogs company. What was there to learn? Angela's approach is embodying – mindfully. An accomplished runner, Angela has the running faith and the wisdom to know there is more to running than a good pair of shoes and pavement. Patient in her instruction, she tells why ChiRunning is important, what benefits it brings and how it improves performance. Before and after videos reveal your personal running story – step by step. Am I a ChiRunner? While I have adopted ChiRunning techniques and listen more to my body, positively I now consider myself an informed conscious runner. I am glad I took Angela's course, the experience was a perfect blend of land, sea, learning and wanting more.

Thank You, Angela, for spreading the good news!

Star Rating 5
August 20, 2014

Angela's an amazing coach and her ChiRunning clinic is life-changing. I'd been doing the hilly Whidbey Island Marathon for a few years but after taking Angela's ChiRunning retreat in July 2011, my 2012 marathon experience was unforgettable. For the first time ever, I finished with 'happy feet' and truly felt great. It took all my focus to stay relaxed and to remember to BREATHE but Angela's clinic, combined with reading Danny Dreyer's book, was revolutionary. If you think about it, we're taught how to swim, how to ride a bike, sometimes, how to skate and how to ski, etc. So why are we never taught how to run? No wonder "running injuries" are so prevalent. Thank You, Angela, for spreading the good news!

Tuscany retreat was truly a once in a lifetime trip for us

Star Rating 5
April 10, 2014

My husband and I attended Angela James' Chi Running Retreat in Tuscany last fall and we cannot say enough about the wonderful experiences we had! It was truly a once in a lifetime trip for us. From waking every morning and looking out onto the beautiful Tuscan country side from our villa window, to sipping wine and getting to know other guests at the centuries old organic farm and vineyard called Spannocchia. ChiRunning and ChiWalking excursions were beautifully balanced with cultural and educational experiences both at Spannocchia and the surrounding medieval towns and villages. Angela adapted the ChiRunning lessons to the energy of the group, allowing for individual differences of each member. My husband is a walker and I was recovering from an injury, we were both more than pleased with the quality of instruction and attention we received during these sessions. The retreat setting of Spannocchia is just magic, we made lasting connections with other guests, and the lovely young interns welcomed us as part of the Spannocchia family. Tai Chi classes on the lawn, running and walking through olive orchards, exploring ancient ruins, seeing traditional rural Tuscan life, taking a cooking class, wine tasting and learning about Spannocchia's contribution to sustainable agriculture just enriched our whole experience. I would recommend this retreat for anyone who is seeking a truly unique and life affirming adventure with a truly unique and life affirming ChiRunning instructor!

Angela and ChiRunning changed my life

Star Rating 5
April 16, 2013

Angela James and ChiRunning changed my life! Sounds dramatic, but being in advertising, I've often bought into and sold the expectation of change as a big dramatic flash-bang moment. In fact, it's the quiet, joyful realization that not only did I PR my 36th marathon, but I enjoyed every moment of the sunny autumn run. Recovery was negligible, and it's all because of the springtime ChiRunning courses with Angela and her weekly Chi Runs, which are immensely valuable in practicing good chi form. Angela's advice, specific to the lesson on shoulders, "to relax, stop trying so hard and just be", has been something of a game changer in my running and life. So dramatics aside, ChiRunning delivered through Angela who, everyone will agree, is a bundle of positive energy, is life changing in a perfect chi-footsteps-in-the-sand way.

Wow, what a difference!

Star Rating 5
January 25, 2013

I just wanted to touch base and let you know of my run results. I finished the 10k in 59:04 although I was aiming for 1:02. In effect, I shaved 5 minutes off my previous Sun Run time. I attributed this accomplishment to ChiRunning and to your coaching. My average cadence was 182. As for the half marathon, prior to the race, I set three goals, namely: to apply the Chi Running principles, finish in 2:20, and not feel sore afterwards. I finished in 2:21 and just a teeny weeny bit of soreness in my leg muscles. Again, attributed my run result to ChiRunning, proper hydration, electrolyte caps, gels, and pouring water over my head at each water station. My average cadence was at 178 and my average heart rate was at 148 bpm. Overall, ChiRunning works and thanks again to your coaching.

I really enjoyed the workshop

Star Rating 5
May 8, 2012

I really enjoyed the workshop in Vancouver and look forward to continually practising the chi running technique. The video you took really helped me see where I could improve, and what I was doing well too! I look forward to taking your Level 2 workshop soon.

I may enjoy running again

Star Rating 5
February 17, 2012

Today you gave me hope that I may be able to run again. Thank you so much.

I enjoyed all our training sessions

Star Rating 5
July 16, 2011

I enjoyed all our training sessions tremendously. Getting your sound advice on running technique, ChiRunning principles, and just chatting about triathlons and race strategies was so beneficial to me. Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement.

Your expert advice will help me improve my form

Star Rating 5
March 22, 2011

Thanks for the coaching, Angela. I learned great tips today that I otherwise wouldn't have learned on my own. Your observations, comments, and expert advice will help me improve my form and increase my running efficiency. The videos were great too! I'm looking forward to our next session. Thank you very much.

PB in my first half marathon

Star Rating 5
March 16, 2010

Angela's ChiRunning helped me get my PB in the first half!

Angela truly leads by example

Star Rating 5
February 10, 2010

Angela is a great motivator, her inspiring running career is truly leading by example. I loved the workshop and will always come back for advice and a cup of tea.

Angela has a natural ability to motivate and uplift people

Star Rating 5
January 23, 2010

Training with Angela is a powerful life experience. She has a natural ability to motivate and uplift people and her dedication to her own fitness is inspiring.

Your boundless energy and love of running is a gift

Star Rating 5
October 27, 2009

Thanks Coach for your guidance, friendship and inspiration! Your boundless energy and love of running is a gift you share so graciously, along with your "chi", your Rooibos and your smile. The '09 Summer season was a blast - thanks again!

I couldn't have done it without you

Star Rating 5
August 9, 2009

Angela's uplifting personality and care for her team always kept me motivated and helped me meet my goal of finishing my first half marathon! I couldn't have done it without her :-) Thanks!