ChiRunning and ChiWalking

Walking is the #1 recommended fitness program in the world. The farther you walk, the more fat and energy you burn, it's a fact. Chi Walking teaches you the best walking technique to be able to walk farther with greater ease by combining principles of T'ai Chi with walking.

By adopting this technique, you'll learn to walk tall, with a light step to reduce stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and joints. You'll learn how to avoid and prevent injuries that quickly derail any fitness program.

What is ChiWalking

ChiWalking is the graceful, pain-free way to get fit, connect with your body and rediscover the part of you that loves to move and be active. A regular ChiWalking program combined with a nutrient rich diet will help you release excess weight, improve your health, and calm and nourish your mind and spirit.

Invented by Danny Dreyer, and taught by instructors all over the world, this technique emphasizes the proper biomechanics of walking, including: good posture, loose joints, engaging core muscles, and relaxing your arms and legs. It's easier on your body and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly. You'll overcome poor movement habits that can lead to long term injury, such as knee or hip problems.

How does ChiWalking work

These Five Mindful Steps are used to reinforce the body-mind component inherent in each step:

Get Aligned
physically with your posture, mentally with your intentions.

Engage Your Core
physically with your lower abdominals to create stability, mentally by using your will power.

Create Balance
physically between your upper and lower body and between the right and left side of your body, mentally by creating a balance and holistic fitness program.

Make a Choice
physically to walk with inner strength and grace, mentally by making the small positive choices that make a difference in your life.

Move Forward
physically with consistency and confidence, mentally with focused spaciousness.

How can you start ChiWalking

ChiWalking Workshop with Angela James, Vancouver, BC

Taking a ChiWalking workshop is the first step. As you practice and improve the quality of how you walk, you'll improve the quality of how you feel – every day, all day. ChiWalking addresses the needs of your whole person; joints and muscles, body and soul.

ChiWalking is an entire health and fitness program that will leave you energized, and looking forward to each walk. Combined with good nutrition, you will have a strong foundation for lifelong health and energy.

As a Master Instructor I put a lot of thought into teaching and meeting the needs of my students. In order to achieve this I want to learn about your movement challenges, understand your objectives and develop a realistic plan for your goals. I offer a supportive, exciting and learning atmosphere during the workshops. I hope my students come with an open mind and leave with a feeling of personal accomplishment.